Do you know Lego MindStorms ? The last one is the Ev3 serie ( One particularity of this version compared to the previous ones is the possibility to plug a Wifi key and connect via TCP.

So, if you have this material (one Mindstorms Ev3, one compatible Wifi key), you can control your robot with Pharo and phratch. 

For that, just load phratch and the AddOn JetStormForPhratch, in the menu AddOns in phratch.

If you are interested by the internal of JetStorm, a technical report is available.

JetStorm to control Mindstorms

JetStorm to control Mindstorms

phratch to control Mindstorms from jannik Laval on Vimeo.

Jetstorms + phratch at Ecole des Mines de Douai from jannik Laval on Vimeo.

jetstorm won the 2nd place of the ESUG “Innovation Technology Awards” at Cambridge 2014.



Have fun !

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