A new add-on: Assertch

We have a new add-on developed by Tomohiro Oda. This add-on adds assertions (pre-condition, post-condition and assert blocks) and some utility blocks to Phratch.

The assertions are represented by four blocks:

  • pre-condition: becauseBooleandoPre
  • post-condition:makeBooleanbydoPost
  • invariant: hereshouldholdBooleandoAssert
  • pre-post-condition:becauseBooleanmakeBooleanbydoPrePost

The add-on contains also utility blocks:



addListIndextoListIndexintoListappendFromtotoList swapListIndexandListIndexofListswapLineandofList shuffleListshuffleList



We are happy to include these blocks into the add-ons menu. You can try by downloading phratch and install the Assertch add-on.

Have fun !


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