phratch 4.0

Phratch 4.0 is out of the box !

Phratch 4.0 is cleaner, faster and more stable than phratch 3.0.

After the version 3.0 that was a release for usability and stability, phratch 4.0 is released to prepare the future.

The new features are:

  • phratch is more modular, eg having a kernel and lots of addons.
  • cleaning a lot the source code
  • customizable environment
    • each block can be made visible or invisible
    • each category can be made visible or invisible
  • it is possible to add translation for addons with the pragma <phratchTranslation: ‘fr’> in the class PhratchTranslator. This make the translation more modular.
  • first integration of phratch with the pharo environment. Using the pragma at the class side of any class in Pharo make the class visible and usable in phratch.

There is a lot of things to do with phratch, you are welcome to contribute ! The documentation for new features will arrive soon.

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